Be contented. Be cheerful. Do not have a murmuring spirit. But give thanks for all the blessings in your life so that God can bless you more. Have a humble spirit, so that God can exalt you. Do not seek earthly things that will perish but seek the true treasures that will last and give fulfillment
and the Lord will answer you in your times of need. Seek the Lord on your knees and pray. Worship Him in truth and in spirit.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 7- Inspirational lyrics


Verse 1
O what mercy has been granted me
for the filthy rags I’ve worn
clothed in sacrifice to great to speak
and of new life reborn
still my darkness veils all the victories
that you’ve seen me through
the prisons I have counted each
a wall of sin so high I cannot reach
Jesus Christ who died for me
gave his life so that I could be free
he gave his life so that I could be free

Verse 2 
They come to you weary broken torn
and lay their sorrows at your feet
parched and hungry for a taste of joy and from suffering find retreat
but our silence veils all the answers
that they seek from you
children cry to see your face
poor men desperate for your arms of grace
Jesus Christ who died for them
by your scars we pray their wounds will mend
by your scars we pray their wounds will mend

Verse 3
Our God of grace
our deliverer
to you be glory and fame
all our treasures we have counted loss
for to surrender is to gain
but your hope unveils all the answers
and reveals the Truth
by the cross you made a way
you will bring us to your home one day
Jesus Christ for us you died
gave the world Your love though we denied

I heard this song for the first time last week on Pandora and ever since then I've been hooked!! God has been really ministering to me through these lyrics and I really wanted to share it with you all! At the rate I am at I probably listen to this song maybe 10 times a day if not more! I hope you all enjoy this song and have a great day! 

P.s Sorry about the video.. I couldn't find any other video for this song. So just kick back, relax and let God minister to your heart as He has done and continues to do to mine! Love you all!

P.s.s Week 8- write about your fears! Sorry I'm kind of behind.. eak!! Life is just a tad bit busy!!

God Bless

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