Be contented. Be cheerful. Do not have a murmuring spirit. But give thanks for all the blessings in your life so that God can bless you more. Have a humble spirit, so that God can exalt you. Do not seek earthly things that will perish but seek the true treasures that will last and give fulfillment
and the Lord will answer you in your times of need. Seek the Lord on your knees and pray. Worship Him in truth and in spirit.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 5- What makes you happy?

First off I would like to apologize to you all for slacking on my posts... I have been extremely stressed out with school lately and have been a little distracted.. I'll do my best to keep up this time I promise! 

What makes me happy?
There are so many things that come to my mind when I think of the word happy. Have you ever thought of what that word really means? Happy..

Having a sense of confidence in or satisfaction with (a person, arrangement, or situation)

In actuality I am really easy to please, simply seeing a beautiful painted sunset in the sky after a long hard day or taking a nice walk with friends dancing in the nice autumn rain can make my day. There is nothing like the smell of rain!! Its like God is washing every bit of filth away from every crack and crevice on this earth. I just love it!! =) 

I love the laughter of people and the smiles on there faces, I love giving and receiving hugs, the kind of hugs that are so warm and meaningful, the ones that really show you that they care. I love those long talks and long walks with my beautiful friends, or getting the chance to snuggled up with my warm blanket on a cold winter day at school, wile watching disney movies in the lobby, are all things that make me smile and brings joy to my heart. Actually talking about all this makes me really want it to be winter now. I can't wait to see the snow falling from the sky and watching people trying to "not" slip on ice as they make there journey to class in the mornings. haha I'm sure this sounds pretty terrible to hear me say such a thing, but hey they I'm sure they are laughing at me as well when I try to make it to class without slipping. =) 

I love this school and I love the people. My professors always make me smile even when I am in a bad mood. They care so much for me as a person, not only as there student. The school of music here will always bring a smile to my face though, no matter the day, time, or year. Although i am not a music major any more and though they give me a hard time about it, I still live in that building most days. They were my first family when i came to school 3 years ago! (wow 3 years ago!! :o) They all hold a little piece of my heart and mean the word to me, all because they care about me as if i were there family. 

I love to sing and play guitar and piano! Music just soothes my soul... God gave us a heart to worship and maybe that is why it brings peace to my mind. I can be having the worst day of my life and then go to choir and sing and while I am there all of my problems just seem to vanish into thin air.. And as I sing I can feel the hands of God holing me in his arms. I may not be the greatest singer in the world but as long as it means something to God that is all that should matter. I love my sisters and my friends with all of my heart and i love to be with them! God has so graciously blessed me with so many amazing people in my life and such amazing parents. I know my life hasn't been the greatest but I know that God will use me and is using me to change lives. God is my reason to smile, because if it wasn't for Him I would be a live right now and if it wasn't for Him I wouldn't be saved with the reassurance that everything will be ok one day, for He has a plan for my life and is watching out for me! I also love photography and the ability God has given me to capture the beauty he creatively placed in this world. I see this place in a different way, a different view then most people. That in itself is a blessing strait form God showing me how much He really does care about me. =) Whoever created the idea of "photography" was plain genius, because it is such a huge tool that God uses to reveal to the "whole world" the glory and beauty of who He really is.

I am so very blessed to be alive and there are so many things in my life worth smiling for, I just have to remember them and learn to open my eyes more often to enjoy the little blessing in life, gifts sent form God to bring a smile to my face. =)

Ok so i am 2 weeks behind.. everyone I am so sorry... Here is what last weeks journal was:

Week 6: Find a picture that describe how you are feeling right now and write about the picture. The picture can be one you('ve) took/taken or you can find it on the internet. I hope you all are doing well, have fun! 

God Bless! 

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crickl's nest said...

I love your last paragraph. A life that is grateful and sees the blessings is gonna be a satisfied and happy life.

Love you!