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and the Lord will answer you in your times of need. Seek the Lord on your knees and pray. Worship Him in truth and in spirit.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week 2- Favorite memories growing up

Favorite Memories... 
At first, when I decide the topic for the week I was having a really hard time... I could not for the life of me think of something happy that stuck out from my life.. I know what you're thinking.. "how can you not think of something happy??" Well you see, this is exactly why I am doing this project! I have been so consumed with all of the hurt and pain from my past that it was starting to take over my mind, to the point that I couldn't even remember anything good about the last 21 years.. Once I started really thinking about my life, glimpses of happy memories began to reveal themselves from there hiding places. 

So... Are you ready for this.. are you ready to hit the road?? 

Traveling down memory lane, words fill my mind as they line the journey set before me.. Comforting, soothing words that brings joy to my mind.

~Night night~
When my twin sister and I were born my dad made up this little rhyme.. It goes like this: "Night night, Sleep tight, Love you, Love you more, Love you this much, Kisses, Night night." Every night my dad would come into our room and do this.. After every phrase we would repeat what he said.. When he said "I love you THIS much" We would through our arms out stretched wide trying to emphasize how much he really loved us, and when he said "kisses" we would blow kisses to my dad and he would catch them all.. Never letting one get away, and he would place them in his heart.. Every night we did this and it seemed to make everything feel so much better.. Even if the day was a nightmare everything seemed better because my dad still cared and loved us so much! Some times I think about this memory and really miss the warm comforting sound of his sweet words every night, sometimes wishing I could be a kid again... But that is why memories are so good! You can savor that moment forever! 
Growing up I never realized how much I was really loved... I honestly had no idea.. But now that I look back and remember the good times, I am starting to come to my senses...:)

~Late night talks~
haha This one always makes me smile... Im sure ALL of you know what I am talking about!! It's those "late night talks" that you say you will NEVER forget about! As you already know, I have a twin sister.. She is the most amazing person alive and that is just being nice...:) But anyways... When we were children Jordan and I always had a bunk bed.. Jordan got top and I got bottom... Every night after my dad did "night nights" Jordan would beg me to come up to the top bunk with here.. Every night she asked me to do 1 of 2 things... Either Sing her a song or make up a story... For some reason this helped her fall asleep at night.. (at least I think it did.. If not I don't know why else she would want me to do that every night..:)) So being the good sister that I am, every night I would climb up to her bunk and make up a silly story and/or sing her a song.. It was always so nice to feel needed even though I really wanted to just go to sleep!! We had many late nights like this.. trying to see who could stay up the longest (which she always won at... :/) But, hey what can I say.. I like me some sleep! Being "all grown up" kind've sucks some times i must admit... Jordan is now married and has her own life and I am gone away at school the majority of the year.. so we don't have many late night talks/hang outs any more.. It does make me sad but it makes me glad to see how we have grown over the years.. And plus there will always be plenty of late night talks to come in the future.. :D

~DUN DUN DUN...... The evil stepmother~
What is the first thing that pops into your head when you here this?? Ready GO!! 

ok.. well what your thinking is wrong... 
Yes I have a step mom... but, she isn't as evil as evil stepmothers can be... This isn't as the original fairy tale kind of story.. But it is a story..
When my dad and step mom sat my sisters and I down to tell us what was going on my dad starts off by saying.. "Children.. I have been searching all around town to find the perfect "evil stepmother" for you and I think I finally found her!" We all kind of laughed and ever since then the name has stuck.. Every time I get a letter at school from my step mom, in the "from" line on the envelope it'll read "evil step mother" and on the inside of the card it would say: Love always the evil stepmother.. Its pretty hilarious if you ask me because the expressions on peoples faces when they hear me talk about my step mom that way are just priceless.. Every where we would go whether to a school meeting, meet the teacher, friends.. anything, my step mom would introduce herself as just that. "hello I am the evil stepmother.." 

~Hailee and I~
Hailee is my adorable niece... She will six on the 24th of this month.. I can't believe how big she is ALREADY.. Her and I have a special bond together.. Im not sure why that is but we make a great team! When she was a baby my sister Kendis (Hailee's mom) would only let me watch Hailee out of all of my other sister.. when it came time for a nap... she had the hardest time falling asleep because there was just way to much going on and of course she didn't want to miss anything... so I would take her into the pantry hallway and shut the doors on both sides and just sit on the floor in the dark rocking her back and forth until she finally fell asleep... when she got a little older my sister moved out and got her own place with her little family and she would bring Hailee over to the house every morning at around 630 so that she could go to work.. Almost every morning my niece would crawl into bed with me and just cuddle until it was time for me to get up and get ready for school.. But of course with a little one entering an already warm bed the person in the bed always gets the shocking experience of cold feet... haha she always put her cold piggy toes on me because she thought it was funny to see me jump or freak out! For a couple of years we had this morning ritual and I honestly really miss those morning with here a lot.. 

~Singing silly songs~
I am kind of musically inclined.. not a lot but kind of.. I play guitar and something that I do often to cheer myself up is being goofy and playing silly songs.. Random songs about lonely shoes in my closet the never get used.. or about break lunch and dinner including everything in between (brunch, lupper, and even brinner) My roommate got a kick out of this the last year and a half.. her and I would sing the craziest things but you know what?? I didn't really care because, well it was fun!:) occasionally when I am starting to feel down i just pull out my guitar and do just that.. sing something silly that will brighten my mood.

~Bag Pipes~
This is one of my most favorite memories... My whole life, or at least the last 21 years, I have had to opportunity to hear my grandpa McDonald play the bag pipes.. He was the most amazing bag piper I've ever heard in my life... I am not just saying that because he was my grandma, I am saying that because it is the truth!! Every year he would fly from FL to AZ and we would always make sure he had those pipes of his or he would be in trouble with all of his grandkids! There was just nothing like hearing him play.. He played at my step mom and dads wedding and when i was in elementary school he came to my school and played for my whole grade, which was really awesome!! He even whore a kilt and everything else that went with it. The kids just laughed and said!  "oh my gosh that guy is wearing a skirt... O_o" Then I would have to explain that it wasn't really a skirt but a kilt and that all Scottish bag pipers wear them, its apart of the heritage! My grandpa recently just passed away and it aches my heart to think that I wont ever get to see him play again.. But one great thing is that hopefully some day ill be able to carry on the tradition of the bag pipes in my family and learn to play just like him! My grandma said that if I want to carry on this for the family that she would give me my grandpas pipes which would mean a lot me but would be scary as well.. I know I will never be as good as he was but just the fact that I could try and do this for my family makes my heart happy.. My grandpa was one of the most amazing men i've got to know and I am so blessed to have been able to have him for so long!

Well travelers.. I hope the trip wasn't to long and that you all enjoyed your tour of Memory Lane! Until next time.. Enjoy!:) 

P.s week 3 journal entry is:
Who/what has had a major influence in your life? Make sure it is a positive influence and most importantly Have FUN!!! =)


crickl's nest said...

Loved! this Taylor. It makes me happy to know you have some great happy memories to cherish about your growing up years. Great idea to focus on that and meditate on the good that was in your life. Love that you wrote it all down as a reminder too.

<3 Christie

Plink. said...

Wow, this is really cool! I love hearing about fun things that people used to do.
I hadn't realized that you had a twin sister. I have always wondered what that would be like... it sounds neat.

I love this post!

PS: bag pipes are amazing. It would be so awesome to hear you play them!