Be contented. Be cheerful. Do not have a murmuring spirit. But give thanks for all the blessings in your life so that God can bless you more. Have a humble spirit, so that God can exalt you. Do not seek earthly things that will perish but seek the true treasures that will last and give fulfillment
and the Lord will answer you in your times of need. Seek the Lord on your knees and pray. Worship Him in truth and in spirit.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Poetic License Carnival

Here is my poems of the month for Robins poetic license carnival.
I had a lot of fun working on it. :)


The sweet aroma that hovers in the air,
Giving life to every breath you take.
Shedding knowledge on what is to occur
Feasting on the filth that is being washed away
Quenching the cold wet droplets plunging forth.
Hearing a pitter patter on things now wet,
Witnessing the transformation from dry to wet.


Robin said...

You made an appeal to all the senses, exactly what a pensieve is intended to do! GREAT job for your first offering for glad you found us and decided to dive in!


Pamela said...

great minds! on the same wet page, so to speak (:

crickl's nest said...

Great job Taylor! It was fun wasn't it?

A Challenge!

Peculiar said...

Wow Taylor, this is very good. I love poetry attributed to nature. You can really feel all of the senses in this poem. You did a pensieve justice. Glad I came by.

Joy said...

Fantastic poem! Keep it up!!!

Karmyn R said...

Lovely Pensieve! I liked the imagery.

jeanie said...

There are several rain poems in play - I am a severe rain lover myself (most days - I a revelling in sunshine today).

Your poem is great - so cleansing.

Brandon Satrom said...

Nice job!